Chance2Sustain Events

Upcoming: Final Chance2Sustain Dissemination Events in Bonn, Germany (June 2014)

With the project now in its final phase, the Chance2Sustain project team will contribute two panels to the upcoming EADI General Conference on 23-26 June 2014 in Bonn, Germany:



Configuring urban development strategies; what can we learn from capital cities, fringe cities, and regional hubs?


Spatializing knowledge management in urban configurations: mappings, scenarios, and participation for resilient development


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Chance2Sustain Dissemination Meeting 2013: A comparison of ten cities in South Africa, India, Peru and Brazil.

Date: Friday 18th Otcober 2013


08h00 – 10h30 Comparison of the ten cities across five themes: The integrated results

11h00 - 13h00 The main similarities and differences across the ten cities: Lessons for Durban


Durban Botanic Gardens Visitors Centre

RSVP to or Tel: 031 311 4276 byMonday, 14 October 2013.

Chance2Sustain Dissemination Meeting, York, September 2011 - Reconfiguring the Fast Growing City: Exploring the interaction between Urban Governance, Mega Projects and settlement dynamics in Cases from India and South Africa


The Chance2Sustain project team held its annual dissemination meeting in September 2011 in York during the EADI-DSA Rethinking Development Conference to discuss project related issues and showcase preliminary research results from the case studies. This first panel entitled Reconfiguring the Fast Growing City: Exploring the Interaction between Urban Governance, Mega-Projects and Settlement Dynamics in Cases from India and South Africa was organised by Loraine Kennedy and Glen Robbins as part of the Chance2Sustain work on large-scale urban projects and sub-standard settlements. Read more

29. May 2010, Bonn | ICLEI 1st World Congress on Cities and Adaptation to Climate Change


The session brought expert practitioners and academics together to inform about the Chance2Sustain project and to discuss issues related to participatory planning in the context of cities vulnerable to the effects of climate change. The session also critically examined aspects of participatory planning: what it looks like as well as strengths and weaknesses associated with this type of development model. Dianne Scott (UKZN) began the session by introducing the contributors and presented the Chance2Sustain project and its goals.

27. May 2010, Bonn | Chance2Sustain Expert Round Table


This expert roundtable brought members of the Chance2Sustain project together with stakeholders working on urban sustainable development and cooperation in Germany. The goal was to inform on the project and to discuss the project, its aims and the policy advice to be produced for local stakeholders in the fast-growing cities of the global south. The expert meeting was hosted by Carolin Bender, on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Development Cooperation (BMZ) and Thomas Lawo, the European Association of Development Training and Research Institutes (EADI). Emphasizing the importance of urban issues in the context of development cooperation, Carolin provided an overview of projects implemented by the BMZ in this field (210 projects in more than 50 countries, with a portfolio of 2.1 billion EUR). Read more

Project start announcement

On the 29 May 2010, the first Chance2Sustain project event will take place during the ICLEI Resiliant Cities Congress. The Chance2Sustain team will hold a panel on the question

"What can participatory knowledge
management contribute to

The venue is Gustav-Stresemann-Institut, Langer Grabenweg 68 in Bonn, Germany. The Chance2Sustain team invites interested participants to join this meeting, to meet the team and to discuss the project and its activities.

The panel programme can be downloaded via the link below

Chance2Sustain meeting 29. May 2010

For further information on the ICLEI Congress, click on the event programme below

Congress Programme